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How It All Started...

The art of creative knotting developed widely among sailors, who spread the art into bustling ports across the world. Sailors who were already familiar with the practice of knotting for rope tying combined their knowledge with creative variations of knots to produce beautiful patterns.


Beyond the practicality of this art, sailors also created various decorative works of art either to decorate their ships or to sell or barter them when they landed, thus spreading the art far and wide.


Our appreciation for both nature and art brought all the things we love together; a deep connection with the sea, a love for animals, and an urge to create something from scratch led us right here!


Living in Paxos for the last five years gave us a way to experience the life we want. The natural beauty of the island and the time freedom it offers us truly inspires us. Inspiration turned into creativity and thus formed these handmade leashes for our beloved friends.

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